Installation Update

We are working on In-House installs and turn-up on confirmed orders for the following sections (please note that this is a rough estimate and will be updated as we complete sections):

1: RT123S, Walker, EvaDONE

2: Eva, Fox Run, Fernwood, Shedd Hill (1~690), Rt123N (959~1252), Stone, Brook. – DONE

3: Anderson, Whitney 1 & W Shore Cir  – DONE

4: Whitney 2  – DONE 

5: KingsHwy, Mt Stoddard,  Granite Lake & MurdoughHill, North ShoreDONE

6: Kennedy Brook, RT123N (309~775), Murdough, RT123N (1325~1532), DONE

7: Shedd Hill North,  RedCoat. DONE

8: West Shore Road (MUN), RT123N (3592~3886) IN PROGRESS

9: RT9, Non-Phase 1 Areas: Scenic. IN PROGRESS

9: Zinns, Non-Phase 1 Areas: Power Line, Treelyn, Dead Brook. STARTING

10: Non-Phase 1 Areas: KingsHwy North, Rice Brook

11: Non-Phase 1 Areas: Murdough Hill North, portion of Juniper Hill is in planning

12: Non-Phase 1 Areas: Marlow, Some new Nelson & Sullivan areas

If you have any questions, please email us: broadband @ stoddardnh .net

UPDATES: (We apologize for delays, we are moving along with some challenges need to be handled which is pushing the schedule)

Last updated: 03/25/2021