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FiberCast has finalized a milestone fiber optic broadband project to provide internet service for homes and businesses throughout Marlow, Munsonville, Nelson, Stoddard, & Sullivan. The fiber route encompasses over 80 miles of mainline fiber optic cable and support future service expansions into surrounding areas.

FiberCast is a local New Hampshire company and has been building fiber optic based services over 20 years in the State.

Fiber Optic Benefits

Fiber Optic Benefits


Fiber To The Home: Connecting homes directly to fiber optic cable enables enormous improvements in the bandwidth that can be provided to consumers.

Economic Growth

Expanded access to high speed Internet generates major economic growth and rapid job creation.


Fiber can better withstand different temperatures, water, and weather than other technologies.


Fiber optic cables send data up to 1,000 times faster than copper cables, meaning it is easier to connect with others, upload data, load websites, and stream movies.

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Fiber Broadband

Get the best with internet from FiberCast. With speeds at Multi Gigabits, you can search online, stream 4K movies, and game without buffering or frustration. Did we mention there are no data caps and that you will have unmatched reliability since our network is 100% fiber? Don’t let slow internet stop you from exploring, take a look at FiberCast today.

Fiber Voice

Get unlimited local and domestic long-distance calling and advanced features, all for one price with FiberCast home phone service. It acts just like your traditional home phone but uses your Fiber internet connection to create a clear and reliable connection 24/7. And don’t worry, we make the switch easy by letting you keep your current phone number.

Fiber TV

Crystal-clear picture is just the beginning. Live TV the way you want it on a connection you can trust: simple and reliable.

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